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Jay Inslee got one prediction right this summer

(KIRO Radio)

Had a great time at live show

A kindred spirit

My wife surprised me with tickets to your show in Federal Way. I never laughed and cried so much in 90 minutes in my life. I also grew up Ballard, raised by a single mother, and we were dirt poor. I would have graduated from BHS in 1981, but I went into the Navy. Listening to you talk about your life in Ballard reminded me of my own life growing up there. Keep doing what you’re doing, Dori, and I’ll keep listening. Thank you.

– Joe in Des Moines

Drove all the way from Portland

My wife and I had a great time at your show on Friday, and it was great to meet you and shake your hand. It was also nice to meet Ursula and Nicole. They are both so nice. We gladly drove all the way up from Portland. I know I probably rambled on about nonsense when we met you, and I’m sure you were tired and just wanted to get home. But thank you all for being so gracious to take pictures with us, and meet and greet with us. It’s too bad we didn’t get to meet Paul or Dave Wyman. I began listening to you back around 2010 while I was a delivery driver and had to go to from Portland to Seattle often. I would listen to KIRO for the traffic updates and would catch your show. Sometimes I would stay in the truck to hear the end of a story rather than make my delivery quickly. I began to listen to the podcasts and have been listening ever since. My wife even began to listen to your show. We love your show, and have become big Seahawks fans thanks to you as well. Your passion and excitement about the Seahawks is contagious. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your show and the Seahawks radio, and how much we enjoyed your live show. Thanks for all your hard work. Take care.
– Victor in Portland

Socialism and youth indoctrination reminiscent of World War II

Hi Dori, when you talk about the socialists dragging down our society, I am reminded of one of the stories my landlords told me when I was in college at WSU in the early 1970s. This couple was from Holland and had been there during World War II. When the war started, the Dutch soldiers would march through their town on they way to the front. People from the town would gather on the sidewalks to see them off. It soon became a practice for the people to give the soldiers food that had been made in the kitchens of the townspeople. It was a way for everyone to feel they were doing something to support the troops and the country. Unfortunately, after a while, Nazi infiltrators started giving the troops food that was poisoned. Consequently, the troops were ordered to stop accepting food from their countrymen. This simple act of kindness was turned against the country. As you can imagine, it had a devastating effect on the mood of the troops and the citizens. My landlords were still affected by this. I will never forget their story or the effect it had on them.

– Lynn in Woodinville

Good afternoon, Dori. I was listening to today’s podcast about the Leftists using our schools to indoctrinate our children with their gun and climate views. It brought to mind another time in history that, to me, was very similar. If you look back to 1930s Germany and read about the Hitler Youth, you’ll see how the government targeted the youth with its propaganda. Historians say that the Nazi Party marketed itself as “a movement of youth: dynamic, resilient, forward-looking, and hopeful,” and that “millions of German young people were won over to Nazism in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.”

– Karen in Tacoma

Natural gas ban

And the comedy of the year goes to …

Dori, I wrote you about a year or so ago after a homeless encampment set up next to my daughter’s group house when she was going to UW. My family and I decided we had had enough of the ongoing lunacy in the region. I bought a house out of state, and took my job and B&O taxes with me. Nice place, great move; I couldn’t be happier. As a longtime listener and reader of, I still have to listen and read what is going on there. Reading the latest ideas of Seattle government is my daily comedy fix. Just when you see the nuts-ometer peg on 100-percent nuts, the scale changes to accommodate higher levels of nuts. The latest natural gas ban idea has to be the best joke of the year. Thanks for the daily comedy relief. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. You really are a Seattle Original, and I wish you continued success speaking truth to crazy. Best regards,
– A. in NotSeattle

This incurs a huge cost

Dear Dori, one big thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the cost to the individual. Imagine you have a gas furnace, range, water heater, and dryer. Now imagine having to replace all that. Electric furnaces are in the thousands of dollars. Electric ranges, dryers, and water heaters are many hundreds of dollars each. A person’s electrical panel might not be rated for all those appliances. I don’t know how much it costs to upgrade a panel. Electricians are not cheap. I doubt even 1 percent of residents are qualified to add even one breaker. It would cost several hundreds or even thousands of dollars to upgrade or replace a panel. All of these appliances are 220-volt. A person’s electric bill will skyrocket. Not to mention, that would be a drain on the power grid. Imagine 100,000 people all of a sudden using electric dryers. Is the government going to subsidize this — AKA the taxpayers? Have a nice day and go Hawks.

– Chris in Lynnwood

Yelm High School puts up radical Leftist posters

Kicked out of Auburn

Rainier Middle School in Auburn had the same posters up as well. Last week, a group of parents demanded they be removed, which they now have been.

– Lloyd in Auburn

The “Privilege Song”

As a short person, I am personally outraged by the “Privilege Song.” I am stronger because I am short, couldn’t reach the monkey bars, and had to get creative. I’m better off for it.

– Texter from the 425

Putting a damper on Inslee’s drought

Remember when Inslee said we would have a drought this summer? Well, I guess there was one thing that did dry up — his campaign.

– Matt in Stanwood 

Don’t defend Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh is not a victim. That man is a predator. I listened to and watched that questioning. Journalists should, of course, be objective, but as we’ve seen lately (Fox News, Breitbart, David Wolfe) many “journalists” and media have been far from objective. Yes, Democrats probably did pressure Christine Ford to tell her story at that time because it would help keep him out of office. It was a good time to let people know. Brett Kavanaugh never refuted the party happening. During that whole questioning, he only said he didn’t remember assaulting Ford. He didn’t claim there was no party. Please don’t say that he’s a victim. That is just gross and slaps the face of every actual victim. I just helped a friend through the trauma of a rape and assault. The public standing of her rapist is partly why my friend will not press charges against her attacker. She thinks there’s no way she can win, that no one will believe her.

– Erica in Tukwila

Justice Kavanaugh is not a victim. I agree with you on many things, but you got this wrong today. I will tell you from experience that Christine Blasey Ford was raped by now-Justice Kavanaugh. You might forget exact dates, what party, whose house, but you will never, ever, ever forget who took advantage of you. Not ever. Things were a bit different in the ’80s than they are now; back then, women were blamed as teases, blamed for dressing too hot, or for getting “so drunk she wanted it.” A 15-year-old invited to a party with the “cool kids” was bound to have a couple too many to fit in. And here’s my story. At this point of being a bit too tipsy, I’m in a room with a guy, suddenly alone with him. ‘Where did everybody go?’ I briefly remember wondering. He dragged a dresser across the door to the hallway, and it took me a few seconds to realize what was happening until it was too late. It was only the incessant pounding on the door from my friend, and then the door being forced open and the dresser forced away by more friends, when he stopped. If this jerk was up for a Supreme Court position, you could bet your life that I would risk my reputation, the life of myself and my family, and all the other needless garbage that Ms. Blasey Ford went through to testify against this man. Who cares that he is now married with a family? That is not some sort of testament to his past. My point is, you might forget exactly where and what summer night, but you will never ever forget who. I sincerely hope this has never happened to any of the women you know, but you might want to dialogue with them about this issue. All the best,

– Karen in Seattle

An old friend reaching out

Dori — I briefly worked with you and the KIRO team several years ago, part-time doing news, then left to anchor morning news at WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. You may remember me as the morning guy at Warm 106.9 before coming to KIRO, as we shared emails from time to time. Jannelle and I moved back upon my retirement from WHO and, would you believe it, I’ve become a part-time parts delivery driver for the Covington AutoZone. It allows me to listen to quite a bit of your show through midday. Having been a fan of yours since the early ’90s, your show has only gotten better as Progressives have moved farther to the Left. Recently with the assault on King’s School, Christian radio, and the Bible in general, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your stand for what we Christians believe. God bless you, your bride, and your daughters, my brother.

– Tim in Kent

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