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Dori: Yelm High School promotes radical, hateful Leftist groups with posters

One of the Amplifier posters hanging at Yelm High School. (Photo courtesy of listener)

This is an exclusive, based on a listener tip out of Yelm. Imagine if the KKK went to a local high school and asked to hang some posters in the schools.

I’m guessing the school would say their hate is not welcome. But when a radical Leftist group goes to a local high school and asks to hang some posters, everything is fine.

Let me explain.

A listener who asked to remain anonymous explained that there is some controversy over posters created by Leftist art group Amplifier that are hanging in classrooms at Yelm High School. Some staff members and parents are very upset and offended by the posters.

One of the posters advertises several nonprofits and interest groups. There are some very good organizations on the posters, such as OxFam. The one deeply troubling is for If you listen to my show, you know the Women’s March movement has deeply anti-gay, anti-Semitic origins.

Dori: Do Women’s March participants know about antisemitic, homophobic ties?

The founder of the Women’s March, Tamika Mallory, called the Leftist moral equivalent of the KKK grand wizard — Louis Farrakhan — the “greatest of all time” on social media. Farrakhan has publicly made many racist, hateful statements, such as calling Jews the “chosen of Satan” who “control everything and mostly everybody.” He said that the Jewish film industry workers in Hollywood who advocated to make same-sex marriage legal would go to hell.


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Thank God this man is still alive and doing well. He is definitely the GOAT. Happy Birthday @louisfarrakhan! 🖤✊🏾

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When Mallory and her colleagues founded the Women’s March, she used Farrakhan as her main consultant.

Just this week, some of the founding members of the Women’s March, including Mallory, resigned because of that foundation of anti-gay, antisemitic bias in the movement. The Women’s March is trying to remake its image now.

Now that same movement, grounded in so much hate, has a poster hanging at Yelm High School. Does that make any sense to anybody?

We contacted the superintendent of Yelm Schools and invited anyone representing the schools to come on the show. This is the response we received.

We are aware of concerns raised about the posters referenced. The principal of the school is working with teachers and staff over the concerns. Our district lens in this matter is one of equity.

The Women’s March movement is one of equity? It’s founded on hating certain groups, but alright.

Another one of the organizations featured is Queer Kid Stuff, which is a web series for LGBTQ youth that talks about concepts like “identity and privilege.”

If you want to elevate kids who are gay, that’s great. But do you have to do it at the expense of the straight kids at school? Do you have to shame them for having privilege? What about the straight, cis kids born into homes without a dad, where their mom is doing meth? Are you going to tell them they have privilege? Why can’t we raise up one group without tearing another down?

Another of the groups promoted on the poster is Families Belong Together — it is virulently anti-border security.

These sound like very partisan groups to me. But if you’re a Leftist and part of a public school, I suppose you think these are non-partisan, since you’re surrounded by radical Leftism.

I’m picking on Yelm because I have a picture from the high school. Let me know if you have seen similar posters in your school district.

I would still welcome the Yelm School District superintendent or Yelm High School principal on the show. I have some major questions for them. Please explain how a group with connections to Louis Farrakhan, one of the most racist, homophobic, and antisemitic public figures in the country, makes it onto a poster in your school. Please explain why you have to tear down cis kids. This is not non-partisan. It’s radical Leftism in our schools.

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