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Ross: Call it a UFO or a UAP, should we be afraid?

(David McNew/Newsmakers)

The Navy has now officially acknowledged that its pilots have encountered  “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” Also called UAP.

Those spinning forms captured on cockpit displays – as recently as 2015 – were not some software glitch, or some Russian deep fake. They actually exist.

The Navy won’t call them UFOs – they don’t want to acknowledge that they “fly” in the traditional sense, or even that they were “objects” – only that they’re something real that shouldn’t be real.

Can we act now to stop the rise of the killer robots?

So should we be afraid? If you believe in God – could it be that He or She, or I guess They, plan to destroy us? I would say no. Why bother? We can do that ourselves!

I prefer to think that the overachieving civilization that planted that first DNA seed 3.5 billion years ago is sending probes to see how the experiment’s going…

My guess is, that having detected stray signals from the Weather Channel, the interstellar researchers realize that their DNA experiment has run amok. And the experiment is in the process of stewing itself in its own emissions. And so, rather than jeopardize their research grant they have sent spinning aerial pods to repair the atmosphere.

So I say we relax, and ask the Navy to please not to shoot down a UAP. Yes this sounds kooky, but the UN is certainly not going to save us, and this is the best happy ending I could come up with.

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