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Candidate for governor sees socialism creeping across Washington state

The Washington State Capitol Building in Olympia. (AP)

The race for governor keeps getting bigger, and that’s good news for Republicans who actually want to be able to have a say in who can take on and potentially defeat incumbent Democrat, Jay Inslee.

Anton Sakharov is a community activist and businessman who knows what it’s like to live under anti-capitalist regimes, something he fears could happen in this country and in the state as we tilt closer and closer towards socialism.

“I think our state is actually moving towards socialism. I’ve seen socialism with my own eyes in the Soviet Union, and I have seen the poverty, the corruption, the fake promises over there. And I definitely see it in our state creeping in with every single step that the Democrats are taking,” he told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

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“I think we’re used to seeing it in Seattle, but it’s definitely creeping across the state … Younger folks haven’t seen the Cold War, they haven’t seen what the Soviet Union did, they they hear the words ‘free this’ and ‘free that’ and they’re starting to accept that. I can feel it a mile away and I can tell you it’s not going to be as pretty as it sounds.”

Supporting small business in Washington

One of the core issues that Sakharov is focused is supporting small business, which he believes has taken a hit under Inslee.

“One thing I’m making a promise to every voter on when I’m the governor is that there will be no state income tax,” he said. “I’m also focusing on cutting regulations on making sure that there’s no tax increase for the first five years for small businesses across the state.”

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“I think we have businesses who are focusing on the main metro areas in Seattle and Bellevue and Spokane, and I think we need to also incentivize businesses to spread across this great state that we have. That will help offset the infrastructure used in consumption across the state as well as create new jobs across the state,” he said. “And also incentivize business, especially high
tech, to allow Washington residents to work remotely, which will also help relieve the traffic problem that we have.”

Mainly, Sakharov believes there’s a big disconnect between what Inslee does and what the people of the state want.

“My approach is first listening to the people of the state. I think this is what the current administration is not doing at all. I think our people are left behind and they’re completely not being listened to.”

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