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How DJ Supa Sam gets the Seahawks ‘juiced up’ before the game

The Griffin brothers before the Seahawks took on the Rams on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

DJ Supa Sam has an impressive resume. After getting his start on Seattle radio, he has gone on to provide the backing tracks for the city’s elite athletes including the Huskies, the Mariners, the Storm, and yes, the SuperSonics. Not to mention, he’s the DJ for Seahawks practices and before games at CenturyLink.

While chatting with KIRO Nights, it was pointed out that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll likes to toss a ball around before games, and eventually check out what DJ Supa Sam is playing.

“I always like to throw him a curve ball,” Supa Sam said. “I know he loves old school, particularly funk. So I always like to throw him a curve ball. I’ll throw in some James Brown. That’s my go-to for him.”

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“I know I’m doing good when he’s cocking his arm back about to throw the ball and he’s like, ‘OK Sam, I see you,'” he said. “One game he came over and gave me a fist pound — now we’re in rare form, now we’re cooking. I always like to get him juiced up. And it makes me feel like I’m part of the team and that’s how those guys treat me.”

From the outside, it may sound simple designing the soundtrack to a Seahawks game. But DJ Supa Sam says there is a thought process he goes through to craft a feeling before a game.

“I want those guys in the best mood to handle business,” he said. “…. I have go-to songs, but at the same time I don’t want them to get stale so I always go back and refine my list.”

“I figure out, obviously, what people are listening to that’s current,” he said. “Some songs are timeless and you got to throw those in there; the young guys, and the veterans, and the fans. There’s so much music out there. It kind of lives in my head.”

The upcoming playlists stay in his head until game time. The set lists for events like Training Camp — which he could end up playing for two hours — go up on the Seahawks website. Otherwise, he encourages fans to message him on social media if they really want to know about a song.

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“As far as the games, you gotta hit me up … I may tell you, I may not,” he said.

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