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Kitsap County teachers use Super Bowl loss for ‘life lessons’

Two Suquamish Elementary fifth grade classes learned a few life lessons from the Seattle Seahawks' loss to the New England Patriots. (Photos courtesy of the North Kitsap School District)

Two Suquamish Elementary fifth grade teachers used the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl loss as a teaching moment.

Kristy Dressler and Misty Hernandez used the loss to talk about “essential ideas,” according to a Facebook post on the North Kitsap School District’s website.

“On Monday morning, just as we expected, students came to school saying things like ‘those refs were terrible’ and ‘the Patriots are cheaters,'” the post reads.

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Dressler and Hernandez decided to speak with their students about the importance of accepting a loss and not blaming others.

“Even though it is difficult to do, sometimes we need to admit that the other team played well,” the post reads.

The students came up with a list of life lessons they learned from the game against the New England Patriots:

– No person should ever be defined by a single moment in time

– There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with 2nd place

– Focus on the positives, rather than dwelling on the negatives

– Teamwork is the essence to success

– Never give up- put your best effort forward and your hard work will pay off

– Don’t ever stop believing

– Always have good sportsmanship

– Create a good reputation for yourself and for your team
– Persevere through hard times

– Build each other up and support one another because you get farther that way

The lessons the students learned was written as a letter to Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks. It ended with a thank you note.

“I hope you are able to push aside any negative publicity and concentrate on the fact that there are still fans everywhere celebrating your success,” the Facebook post reads, addressing the Seahawks. “WE”RE STILL IN!”

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