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Dori: What’s better – SpokesSalmonSal or WashYourHandsingTon?

I want to give a special shout-out to the Seattle Department of Transportation because they are clearly using our tax dollars wisely — they have just launched a brand-new campaign called SpokesSalmonSal.

SpokesSalmonSal is a salmon puppet who talks to people about how wondrous public transportation is. All of the people who meet her pretend like they’re surprised, because who has ever seen a salmon out of water — and a talking salmon at that?

She’s got all of these great lines:

“Seattle rush hour is like spawning season all year ’round.”

“Do my gills look good in this?”

“Have you ever seen the line to spawn? It’s a mess. It’s like I-5.”

“Do you know how much less pollution we’d have if everyone worked from home one day a week? How would I know? I’m a fish.”

“An hour [to get to work]? Try swimming 600 miles just to get a date.”

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And at one point, pushed to her limit by traffic, she lets off a bunch of swear words. They’re bleeped out, of course, but you can still tell that one of them begins with an F. It’s edgy; that will get the kids to watch. What a clever touch.

SpokesSalmonSal fills my heart with joy. This is why I pay taxes. This is why I love a portion of my take-home pay carved off to give to government. I’m glad that I can send some of my paycheck to the government so they can do really creative things like this.

You may recall, a few years ago the Washington State Department of Health launched a campaign to get us to wash our hands — WashYourHandsingTon.

“WashYourHandsingTonians are always friendly and germ-free; they love to give high-fivers, not high fevers.”  That was also a good expenditure, too. I scrubbed like a surgeon after that came out.

So here is my little online poll. What is a better expenditure of your hard-earned tax dollars — the sock puppet SpokesSalmonSal from the Seattle Department of Transportation or WashYourHandsingTon from the Washington State Department of Health? Visit the Dori Monson Facebook page to cast your vote.

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