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Transgender case, US Supreme Court
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Ross: Transgender case in front of Supreme Court was settled in Genesis

Protesters outside the U.S. Supreme Court. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

One of the cases argued before the Supreme Court Tuesday involved a funeral home employee who was born male, and worked as a funeral director for five years, until announcing that for a long time his mind had been female — that he was in fact she, and so she would finally be dressing appropriately, as a woman.

Two weeks later, the owner of the funeral home explained that as a Christian running a family-owned business, he could not be complicit in supporting the idea that sex is anything other than an immutable gift from God. And so he offered the employee a severance package if she would leave quietly.

But she refused.

So now, the case is before the Supreme Court which, no matter how it rules, will end up applying the specific circumstances of this case to all of us.

Ross: Figuring out North Carolina’s transgender bathroom controversy

And it’s happening because there are job creators – mostly Christian – who sincerely think God will judge them based on who they sell cake to, or take pictures of, or in this case, for an employee’s clothing choice.

But will God really send you to hell for somebody else’s conduct? As I recall, Abraham settled that case way back in Genesis when he argued with God over Sodom and Gomorrah. And if a simple shepherd can do it without the Supreme Court, why can’t we?

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