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Feedback Friday, Dori
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Did Dori and a listener attend the same concert in the 1980s?

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Vote yes on I-976 for $30 tabs

Not only are the car tabs too expensive, the fallout is that people who cannot afford to register their vehicles now run the risk of being pulled over and having their car impounded. And what does that lead to? Likely job loss. If you can’t afford the tabs, you absolutely can’t afford to get your car out of impound. And then? Possible homelessness due to lack of income. Is the goal for everyone who isn’t super rich to just be homeless?

– Tina in Tacoma

We were told the income from the Lotto would forever take care of roads and schools, yet we are asked to cough up money for both every year.

– Pam in Mill Creek

Hey Dori, I have to say, you are the man, first and foremost. This 976 is a joke and is keeping us hardworking non-rich folks from purchasing tabs. I am actually ashamed anymore to say I am from Seattle. As I see it, if anyone votes no on 976, then let them pay for it, and cut blue collar workers and the less fortunate a break. Keep being our voice, buddy. Much love.

– Mike in Mountlake Terrace

Would it kill you to play a little Foghat?

Hi Dori, I sometimes listen to your show while I drive out to lunch. You often mention growing up in Ballard, and on Fridays there is a regular reference to Foghat. During the late ’80s, I was a drummer in a band that played a show with Foghat at the Ballard Firehouse. It was around 1988, give or take a year or two. Did you happen to attend that show?

– Tony in Arlington

Seattle schools want to get rid of AP classes

This policy of no AP classes will send families to the Eastside or private schools. I am a retired detective. I sent my kid to private schools. He was admitted to the UW School of Engineering. Do you think the highest paid Amazon and Microsoft workers might just have taken AP classes? On that note, why don’t they make Seattle schools let everyone play in the varsity sports? Lower the standards for everyone.

– Richard in Seattle

A view on socialism all the way from Ireland

Hi Dori, you’re right when you say that socialism is dragging the people who manage to achieve something in life and therefore provide for others (jobs etc.), into the ground. I’m Irish/German, having lived in both countries (currently in Ireland). Ireland is the most un-European country in Europe. We have a more American approach to life, where people who get up in the morning get the rewards.
Germany, on the other hand, is what you call a social economy, where high achievers are taxed into the ground. The E.U. has been trying for decades to align Ireland with the rest of the E.U. — thank God, without too much success. However, it is only a matter of time before Ireland will turn into another Germany.

My son lives in Seattle. I spend anywhere between two and six weeks with him every year. We generally do a 6,000-mile road trip or take a little break in Hawaii, etc. So I got to know Seattle and the rest of the U.S. quite well over the years. The U.S. is certainly a tough place for people who don’t want to get up in the morning, but hey, it shouldn’t be a walk in the park if you you don’t want to pull your weight. Saying that, I also travel a lot in Europe, and even though it is a very “state caring” place, there are just as many homeless people within the E.U. as in the US. The governments cash up with taxes and waste the money. Great show, keep it up. All the best,

– Wolfgang in Blessington, Ireland

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