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Patriots talk trash about Seahawks during Super Bowl parade

The New England Patriots did a little smack talking about Seattle during their parade Wednesday. And the term “class,” or rather who has less of it — the Patriots or the Seahawks — continues to be thrown around.

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Brock Huard told Seattle’s Morning News it’s likely the Patriots’ feelings of animosity were born after their loss to the Seahawks in 2012.

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The sign that New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman is holding above might just be a response to the now-infamous “U Mad Bro” meme.

“They were sitting on the “U Mad Bro” loss for three years. They’ve been listening to the Seahawks talk and chirp before the Super Bowl,” Huard said. “From Jeremy Lane saying ‘Gronk is not that good,’ to we’re (the Seahawks) the greatest defense ever, and so they wanted to just show to everyone that they’re the top dog out here.”

Meanwhile, Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount felt the need to apologize for this t-shirt:

Mike Salk said he wasn’t sure if he’d call it a rivalry between the teams. But if you ask the Patriots secondary, it sure seems like there is a feud bigger than the Super Bowl.

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