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Tornado Shelton
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Destructive tornado touched down near Shelton

The aftermath of a tornado in Shelton. (National Weather Service)

The National Weather Service in Seattle said a tornado touched down near Shelton between 6:02 and 6:07 p.m. Friday.

Weather officials determined it was a tornado after video evidence and reports from fire officials prompted survey damage in the area.

Officials said in a preliminary report that the tornado traveled more than a half-a-mile and eventually turned into a waterspout after moving over Pickering Passage water. The damage path was up to 90 yards in width and stayed on the ground for an estimated five minutes.

The tornado reached wind speeds estimated at 90 to 100 mph, officials said.

There were no injuries reported as a cause of the tornado.

Trees were uprooted or snapped off.

Officials said two houses were affected by falling trees, and one of them had two trees fall on it.

Click here to see the tornado’s path and preliminary damage survey results.

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