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Grammy performers will be gifted jewelry by a Seattle single mom

Some of the cuffs made by NW 58th St (Photo by Margaux Jones)

Every night, after Seattle single mom Margaux Jones puts her 6-your-old daughter River to bed, she sits down at her sewing machine to make cuff bracelets that feature her drawings and designs.

Unhappy with her office job, Margaux began making the cuffs last spring, seeking an artistic outlet after work.

“I think anybody who is creative, needs to be creative. If they’re not, if they’re at a job where they’re being stifled, they will go insane,” she said. “That’s what happened to me. I started to go crazy because I wasn’t able to unleash my creativity.”

Friends and neighbors swooned over the cuffs, so Margaux began selling them under her brand, NW 58th St. And recently, her Facebook page caught the attention of a company who puts together the swanky gift bags given out at Hollywood award shows.

“Oh my god. The cuffs are going to be in the official gift bag for the Grammys,” she said. “When InStyle magazine does their ‘What’s in the big $25,000 gift bag,’ my cuffs are going to be there! When you’re on the right path, when you’re doing the thing you’re supposed to do in life, it will happen for you. It may not happen right away, but it’s happening now, and you [just have to be] patient. I’m in awe!”

She’s also hard at work, making 150 cuffs for the Grammy performers, nominees and presenters before and after work and on weekends.

“I have a day job,” she explained. “I’d like to not have that day job! I’d like to be able to do this. My dream is to be able to walk my daughter to school, pick her up in the afternoon. She wants me to be able to volunteer at school and when you have a day job it’s really hard to volunteer. I asked her, ‘Would you rather have mommy home? You might not be able to afford all the other things that you have, but would you rather have me home?’ And she said, ‘Yes, I’d rather have you home.'”

Back to the Grammys, Margaux is most excited about the idea of Beyonce and Taylor Swift wearing her cuffs, but she’d also be fine with Death Cab for Cutie.

“And if Macklemore is there, oh my god! I would die if he would wear one of my cuffs! I’m shaking right now just thinking about it!”

The whole experience is changing Margaux’s life, and she is thankful for what the universe is presenting her with. She hopes she can eventually pass on her good fortune to others.

“I have a divine plan for someday when I can hire people,” she said. “I’d love to hire people who are homeless moms who need work, and I could give them work.”

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