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Todd: Tell Me I’m Wrong! You should vote YES on $30 car tabs to keep Sound Transit accountable

Sound Transit station under construction in Bellevue. (Sound Transit Flickr)

If fans of transit EVER want it to be anything but hated by a large block of voters, they should vote against more money for Sound Transit.

The stink of corruption, illegality, racism and deadly arrogance will ALWAYS be on Sound Transit until they are forced to clean up their act.

Let’s review:

– Gerrymandered into existence so Seattle can tax the rest of the region – people outside Seattle resent ST and Seattle Transit zealots.

– 10 years late and billions over budget – some people in outlying areas will pay $40,000 for a train they will never use.

– Horrible lies to South Seattle – this train continues to kill people and divide neighborhoods there.

– CEO says black people need more help at work – he was given a raise.

– Three people killed, many dozens injured in 100% foreseeable crash – Pierce County voted AGAINST ST3 by 57%.

– Illegal gifts and illegal payments to illegal lobbying organizations – no accountability.

– Escalators constantly breaking down – no accountability.

– A man critically injured when heavy equipment fell on him Sunday.

– Using a car tab scheme outlawed by voters and legislators – voters are reminded of ST’s gaffe EVERY YEAR.

If you love transit and you EVER want the region to have anything but sustain for transit, then you should vote to FINALLY provide some accountability to ST.

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