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Ross: We should all be worried about California’s destructive fires

Scary thing number one: Watching those pictures of entire hillsides near Los Angeles on fire, and then hearing this from the Governor of California:

“We’ve actually had a below average fire season to date,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said recently, as the Kincade Fire swelled to an area over twice the size of San Francisco.

Washington sends firefighters to help California battle historic blaze

So basically, this is how life is now.

Scary thing number two: Power company officials giving power outage forecasts like they were routine weather reports:

“So you’ll see a trickling effect of customers starting to go off — East Bay, South Bay, late in the day potentially in the overnight hours Tuesday into Wednesday,” a Pacific Gas and Electric representative warned.

And scary thing number three: Even though PG&E says it has followed all the regulations for keeping flammable vegetation away from it high-voltage lines…

“We don’t believe its enough, and that’s why we have begun the enhanced vegetation management program, but also to realize that in these high wind regimes, that debris can fly from way outside the right of way,” PG&E described.

BC names wildfires a bit differently than Washington

In other words, there is nothing more they can do right now to stop this, except hope the wind stops blowing.

Bringing us to scary thing number four: As temperatures rise, more of the U.S. is going to have California’s climate. Although, the upside to that is we could finally stop worrying about Russia launching a cyber attack on the electrical grid.  Because why bother?

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