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Dori: Why I am fundamentally opposed to the socialism of Halloween

Trick-or-treaters in Seattle. (AP file photo)

Halloween is the one thing I don’t miss from my daughters’ childhood.

I am fundamentally opposed to Halloween. It’s not for religious reasons or anything like that. It has to do with my political values.

I don’t like kids mooching. Going up to someone’s house and saying, “Give me something” is the same socialist attitude we see in Seattle. People want everything for free, instead of having to work for what they get as the free market would dictate. In the same vein, I also did not like when my daughters would go door-to-door selling things in fundraisers for their schools.

The other thing is that you have to play that corny game with kids. “Oh, and who are you dressed up with?” Yuck. It’s my least favorite event for kids.

Maybe my hatred of Halloween comes from my own sad history of trick-or-treating. The best costume I ever had was Yogi Bear. It was hideous. The material was thin and it was a very cold night, and I didn’t have anyone to play Boo-Boo.

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