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Silence gets nominated for Awesome Audio of the Year

(KIRO Radio)

Hey, George Washington had a ponytail

Let your hair grow out Dori, you could be the first governor of Washington state with a man-bun. Woohoo!

– The 206

Election 2019

Goodbye to Kshama

Now that Kshama Sawant is leaving office, it will give her more time to find her smile again.

– Chris in Bremerton

Dori, I’d like to nominate the absolute silence that will be heard in Kshama Sawant’s vacated office as the 2019 Awesome Audio of the Year.

– Sean in Maple Valley

“Ding-dong, the witch is gone! Which old witch? The socialist?
Ding-dong the witch was booted out!
Wake up, Seattleites, no head tax, we won the fight!
Wake up, the witch was booted out!
She’s gone where the communists go: below, below, below. Yo ho, Yo ho, Yo ho
Now close the door, goodbye now …
Ding-dong, the merry-oh, unions couldn’t buy your vote.
Let them know
The socialist is gone!”

– Dana, Amanda, Lee, and Michelle in Kirkland and Albany, OR

I am very sad that Kshama Sawant may lose her Seattle City Council seat. If she loses the election, I hope KIRO hires Kshama as their on-air political expert. That way we can continue to hear her sweet voice.

– Frank in Seattle

A huge thank you to Producer Nicole for the Kshama serenade/farewell. My teenagers and I listened to it a few times laughing hysterically. Easily the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long, long time. Well done!

– Higgy in Rochester

My favorite Kshama Sawant moment is when she found the solution to ending drive-by shootings by installing speed bumps and raised flower beds … I can’t believe nobody else had ever thought of such a genius solution to such a terrible problem!

– Lance in Auburn

976 wins …

I looked at my car and my old mini van in my garage this morning, and they’re smiling.

– Apollo on Facebook

Hey Dori, I saw a typical Seattle voter the other day that I thought you’d find amusing. The rear bumper of his car was full of social justice bumper stickers, including a large ‘Vote No on I-976’ sticker. And then I looked at his rear license plate, and the tabs had expired in July of 2019. Quite an oxymoron if you ask me.

– Local cop in Seattle

All lanes on the Aurora Bridge are back open and traffic is flowing smoothly. Wow … and it happens the morning after elections. How coincidental is that! Seattle truly is a magical place! It’s not magic. As a government employee, I see it all the time — government departments working together to achieve desired results. It didn’t work out so well this time — 976 is still passing. I love your show, Dori. If my coworkers had any idea that I have been listening to you all these years while locked in my office, I would be banished from the lunchroom.

– A secret listener in Everett

Hey Dori, I’ve got it. If Jay Inslee would pay back all the money he wasted campaigning for president, he could fix the Aurora Bridge himself. Where’s that commercial?

– Randy in Auburn

On this day in 1765, the Stamp Act was enacted. Taxation without representation angered us. Now, taxation with representation is getting even worse.

– Brian

… but gets its challengers

Of course now the politicians are going to punish the will of the people. This state had its chance to come up with transportation ideas decades ago and blew it. I was fed up back when there was a vote to expand the Monorail (a carnival ride from the World’s Fair). What a joke. They never manage the money they have. Look around. More cars on the road and gridlock from more people moving here = more money from fees and gas taxes. Officials need to learn to manage our money. If anything, we are just taking funds away from their meetings to plan toll roads. I’m so tired of voting on this, only to have them yank the tablecloth out from under the voters. Thanks for letting me vent.

– Lita in Alger

Taking a toll on drivers

Please answer a question for me because I simply don’t understand the rationale. Why don’t (the powers that be) set all the tolls of the bridges and the tunnel at a reasonable price — like $1 all the time — every day of the week? That way, people would be willing to pay the tolls and the traffic patterns would even themselves out because no one would be trying to avoid certain bridges. I just don’t get it.

– Lynne in Olalla

Thank you for interviewing a vet

I listened to your interview with SFC Ryan Hendrickson prior to the 12th Man flag raising. It was so touching and patriotic. It would be an interview well worth repeating. It’s such a good reminder of the sacrifices and determination of so many of our military men and women. It definitely needs to be shared!! Truly brought tears to my eyes.

– Doug in Chelan

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