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Math Ethnic Studies Framework, Seattle teacher
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Dori: Seattle teacher calls Puget Sound liberals horribly racist

This is the framework for a Seattle Public Schools unit on math and oppression. (Seattle Public Schools)

All of you Seattle residents who consider yourselves to be liberals — did you also know how racist you are? Seattle liberals are horribly racist, at least according to one Seattle teacher.

The Seattle Public Schools, if you recall, are considering getting rid of honors classes as a way to close the achievement gap between white and African-American students. There are too many white and Asian kids in the honors and AP classes, and not enough other races — Asian students don’t qualify as a minority when it comes to how racist Seattle’s classes are, apparently.

A few weeks ago, we told you about how Seattle schools have introduced a K-12 framework for Math Ethnic Studies. They will teach how math is oppressive toward communities of color.

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One Seattle teacher behind this framework, Tracy Castro-Gill, has admitted in the comments on her social justice blog that it is the job of teachers to indoctrinate kids. Castro-Gill, whose father is Latino, manages the Ethnic Studies program for the Seattle Public Schools. She wrote on her blog:

I am an educator of color in Seattle whose job is anti-racist work within the school district. Seattle is very white – nearly 70%. It’s also one of the most liberal cities in the US, and these liberal, white Seattleites hate being called racist, but the thing is – a lot of them are.

So here is a Seattle school official saying that the people who pay the taxes and fund her job are racist. She also has stated in her blog that she is a “far left anarchist who fights for racial justice.” This is one of the people who is in charge of injecting race into the math curriculum of the Seattle schools.

The people who scream racism the loudest are almost always the biggest racists themselves. People like this woman are the reason why our schools are failing in comparison to other countries — because schools care more about indoctrinating our kids with social justice in math class than actually educating them.

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