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Snohomish County schools may prohibit hundreds of unvaccinated kids from attending

The measles vaccine. (AP)

Hundreds of Snohomish County students could be barred from school if they can’t prove they’ve been immunized, or have a state approved excuse for skipping their vaccines.

The Everett Herald says that includes 222 students in Edmonds and more than 300 in Everett.

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“We hope we don’t have to exclude any student, but student and staff safety are our main concern so our district will be following the law and moving forward with exclusions on Nov. 4,”  Kari Johnson, nurse supervisor for Everett Public Schools told The Everett Herald. “Our nurses continue working with families to get their documents in and we fully anticipate our numbers will be even lower on exclusion day.”

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Under a new state law, students can only claim medical or religious reasons for refusing the measles, mumps rubella vaccine.

A measles outbreak last year sickened more than 70 people. Most were unvaccinated children in southwest Washington.

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