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Candy: Tell Me I’m Wrong, Ban animals from stores unless they have ID

(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

All animals need to be banned from stores unless you have a pet identification and tell the store the service they provide.

Sorry if you are differently-abled. The rest of us ruined your right to privacy.

The Washington state law about service animals needs to be changed:

1. Dogs-only in stores. Legally speaking, only dogs and miniature horses may be considered service animals. I’m over the mini-horse, it’s not manageable in a store.

2. Dogs must be trained by an accredited Americans with Disabilities Act service animal course. Can’t afford it? That’s not an excuse. A course will be provided for you by the state, you will volunteer with others to make up the cost.

3. A dog vest must be worn in pubic at all times with legal Washington state service animal ID badge showing.

4. When an employee asks you about your animal, you have to disclose which service that animal provides. Otherwise, bye.

Again, selfish, entitled, dog owners ruined this for those of you who really have an animal to provide a much-needed service while you shop or travel.

But, tell me i’m wrong.

My friend was recently bitten in Target by an “emotional support poodle.”  Over the weekend, I was in a clothing store, a guy walked in with his golden. The dog stopped, squatted, and dropped off a surprise in the checkout line. The cashier rolled her eyes. I said, “He’s not going to pick that up?” She said, “It happens all the time, we can’t tell them to leave or pick it up. When we do, people threaten to sue us.”

So here we are. Your emotional support animal doctors note? Not good enough. You want to rent a house that doesn’t allow dogs so you buy a service vest off Amazon for $20? Not good enough. Your shih tzu knows how to pick out a ripe kiwi better than you? He doesn’t need to be in Trader Joe’s, Karen.

Emotional support animals, therapy animals, and service animals need to be trained, tagged, ID’d and house-trained. If you fake a service animal, you have to pay a big fine and surrender your dog to the Humane Society.

Tell me why i’m wrong.

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