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Rantz: Armed with bizarre Spider Man insult, Sawant homeless proposal fails big

Jason? (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Socialist Seattle city councilwoman Kshama Sawant suffered a humiliating defeat as her proposal to end the Navigation Team failed to earn a single sponsor.

The vote came after Sawant laughed off a recent episode where I appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on FOX News to criticize her plan. Sawant is in a heated re-election campaign against Egan Orion who, while very progressive, argues he will be able to tackle issues without them becoming so divisive.

If enacted, Sawant would have completely gutted the Navigation Team, a specialized team of police and social workers that connect homeless people with resources, while also cleaning up dangerous and unhealthy encampments. Sawant falsely claimed there’s no data to suggest their work is worthwhile, often contradicting her own claims (she says that the Nav Team doesn’t get people into housing while also saying homeless getting into Tiny Home Villages — which Nav Team coordinates — is effective).

The council member, mostly reading from scripted remarks, would go on to claim businesses that support the Nav Team are “demonizing” the homeless.

Sawant seemed to offer an excuse for why her plan wouldn’t earn the support of her colleagues, blaming “corporate media” for negative coverage.

“It’s really not surprising, but deeply unfortunate and problematic that the corporate media has seized on this, in this way,” Sawant complained. “I don’t know how many of you saw but our friendly neighborhood Jason Rantz reported on this and then he went on Tucker Carlson to talk about this and it’s absolute nonsense. Let’s make it clear and sweeps are ineffective and inhumane.”

It’s unclear why she compared me to Spider-Man. Assuming it’s not a reference to the Toby Magwire era of films, I’ll take the comparison.

Sawant wouldn’t just swipe at me, but also at her council colleague Abel Pacheco’s “empty words”, once he noted her office never wants to collaborate. Instead, she is focused more on demonizing the Nav Team, Pacheco said.

“The people who are doing the work, the more we demonize the work that they do, the further it gets us from a solution,” Pacheco said.

“You should choose your words carefully, Councilmember Pacheco,” Sawant warned. “If you’re so interested in working together, rather than nursing a grudge, why didn’t you show up to the many meetings my committee did…?”

Sawant is referencing committee meetings she turns into campaign rallies, where her office coordinates with specific activists to show up and take specific positions to help advance her agenda. It’s why her colleagues don’t show up to them.

When her proposal was asked for a cosponsor, none of her colleagues signed on.

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