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Daylight Saving Time
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Ross: Ending Daylight Saving Time is one thing we can all agree on

Daylight Saving Time strikes again. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

I hope we’re all enjoying our extra hour, because in four short months we’ll be giving it up again. And for what?

Lawmakers aim to have Washington ‘fall back’ one last time

The Department of Transportation, which could end this semi-annual sleep disruption ritual, still insists that it saves energy, reduces crime, and protects school kids from having to walk to school in the dark.

But does it?

From what I’ve read, the studies on saving energy are inconclusive.

On preventing crime, I suppose when we lose the hour in March, there is a chance that a sleep-deprived porch pirate will trip and do a face-plant as he runs off with your Amazon box, but that’s not much of a payback in my opinion.

On protecting school kids, if we’re worried about kids going to school the dark during the winter, how about just starting school an hour later? That’s basically what happens after we “fall back,” but you can do it without making all of us change our clocks! Plus, there are plenty of studies showing kids should be getting up later year-round.

‘No good reason’ for Daylight Saving says UW Medicine

It’s not surprising that there are more and more states asking Congress to overrule the DOT and just keep Daylight Saving Time year round — even President Trump has said he’s for it.

So why not do this? It would create a badly-needed moment of national harmony, and it would stop the Deep State from screwing up our sleep. That’s what the poke in the ribs is for.

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