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Todd: Tell Me I’m Wrong, $30 car tabs makes sense


If you think the government works for the people, you should vote the $30 car tab ballot initiative again.

We have passed this before and our betters found workarounds. We have asked for fiscal restraint before and the politicians ignored us. We have to prioritize our spending to our income. Government just wants more income

We have told WSDOT we want relief from traffic congestion. WSDOT has refused to make that a priority. In fact, the boss of WSDOT, Roger Millar, said in a Spokane speech that he refuses to work on it.

Multiple cities and all of Pierce County voted against ST3, because Sound Transit jury-rigged the voting area. Sound Transit shoved it down your throats.

City after city are forcing road diets on people, including 20 MPH speed limits.

If they want our money, they can work for us.

Tell me I’m wrong.

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