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Voters favoring incumbent Bellevue City Council members

(City of Bellevue via Facebook)

The incumbents are winning in the Bellevue City Council races, according to the latest vote tallies on Wednesday. Below are the Bellevue City Council results:

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Position 1: John Stokes and Holly Zhang

Stokes has served on the Bellevue City Council since 2011, including as mayor in 2016 and 2017. His opponent, Holly Zhang, is a local businesswoman and entrepreneur.

John Stokes (incumbent): 13,347 (69%)

Holly Zhang: 5,933 (31%)

Position 3: Jeremy Barksdale and Stephanie Walter

Barksdale works as a User Experience Researcher for Unity, a game development platform company based in Bellevue. Before that, he was at Microsoft. He serves as Chair of the Planning Commission for the City of Bellevue. His opponent, Stephanie Walter, was elected to the East Bellevue Community Council in November 2017. Before that, she was appointed to the City of Bellevue’s Planning Commission.

Jeremy Barksdale: 11,860 (61%)

Stephanie Walter: 7,409 (38%)

Position 5: Janice Zahn and JD Yu

Zahn has served on the city council since November 2017. Her opponent, Yu, is an immigrant pursuing the American Dream. He’s worked at T-Mobile since 2006 as a System Architect.

Janice Zahn (incumbent): 13,132 (67%)

JD Yu: 6,435 (32%)

Position 7: Jennifer Robertson and James Bible

Robertson has served on the city council for three terms, including a 2-year position as deputy mayor. Her opponent, James Bible, is a civil rights attorney, small business owner, and former president of the King County Branch of the NAACP.

Jennifer Robertson (incumbent): 12,284 (63%)

James Bible: 7,020 (36%)

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