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Larry Gossett losing in King County Council race

Long-time King County Councilmember Larry Gossett (43%) is losing to Girmay Zahilay (57%) after another round of vote tallying on Wednesday.

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Zahilay states on his campaign website: “In the wake of massive wealth generators like Amazon and Microsoft, we cannot be a county of shameful disparities. We must ensure that resources, opportunities, and services are spread so that all of our youth can achieve their full potential.”

District 2: Girmay Zahilay and Larry Gossett

Gossett has been a county council member since 1993 and is a civil-rights icon.  His opponent, Zahily, is an attorney who grew up in Seattle, graduated from Stanford in 2009, and was a former White House intern under the Obama administration.

Girmay Zahilay (incumbent): 22,614  (57%)

Larry Gossett: 17,064 (43%)

District 8: Joe McDermott and Michael Robert Neher

McDermott has served on the King County Council since November 2010. He represented West Seattle, Burien, White Center and Vashon and Maury Islands in the Washington State Legislature for 10 years prior. His opponent, Neher, is an Engineering Administrator with Markey Machinery.

Joe McDermott (incumbent): 30,349  (82%)

Michael Robert Neher: 6,394 (17%)

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