Candy: Tell Me I’m Wrong, Millennials don’t ruin anything

Nov 6, 2019, 5:52 PM
A room full of Millennials. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation)
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation)

Kids today don’t know the true value of a hard day’s work! Millennials are always on their phone, they’re entitled, and they’ve ruined — marriage, the NFL, and “real” church. Pretty much everything.

Wow, this must be the first time in American culture that an entire generation has destroyed so many things! <-That’s sarcasm, a staple of the Xennial. You’re welcome.

The Silent Generation loathed their kids’ hippie ways – long hair, tight pants – you ruined traditional values! The Boomer Generation hated their kids’ obsession with materialism – you ruined the meaning of being content! Generation X is annoyed that their kids do everything online – you ruined communication! Millennials are irritated that their kids are distracted by technology – you ruined social awareness!

A few years ago, the playful roast “OK, Boomer” popped up, then a Tic Toc video went viral and a fun way to throw a little generational shade was born. (If you had no idea what I just said, trust and keep reading.)

Whenever anyone older started in on Millennials or Gen X, Y, Z ruining something like “fireworks” or “dating” or “customer service” – you would reply, “OK Boomer, have a terrible day.” Use the word snowflake to describe someone worrying about paying for college? OK, Boomer. Grandma going to a tantric yoga retreat instead of her grandchild’s soccer match? OK, Hippie. Dad sends an email to tell you your aunt has cancer? OK, Gen X. See, it’s fun! Well, it was.

Recently, on the New Zealand Parliament floor, a Millennial lawmaker had enough of older colleagues ignoring her.

And in the most “OK, Boomer” moment ever – a conservative radio host in Rochester, N.Y., said being “OK Boomer’ed” is the new N-word. He was serious. Because obviously someone clapping back at your generational critique is the same as a word historically used to enslave an entire population and inflict psychological trauma.

So consider this the eulogy for the phrase “OK, Boomer.” It was fun while it lasted.

Millennials don’t ruin anything. Tell me I’m wrong.

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Candy: Tell Me I’m Wrong, Millennials don’t ruin anything