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Lacey’s utility website hacked, information for thousands at risk

Information from thousands of Lacey utility customers' is at risk. (City of Lacey)

The personal information for more than 15,000 utility customers in Lacey was comprised when the city’s utility company’s software system was hacked.

Steve Kirkman, a spokesman for the city of Lacey, said, “Somebody actually got into the software program and altered the code.”

City officials are urging people to check their credit or debit activity.

Once the city learned about the hack, it shut down the portal used to process customers’ payments. The hack began a couple of weeks ago, stretching from August to October.

“We had a person call and say this doesn’t quite look right, ” Kirkman said.

Although there are 15,000 customers registered to pay their bills online, the good news is the city’s only received five reports of fraud so far.

Leah Garcia, a customer, said “I was freaked out, like oh my God, people are going to steal my money.”

“I do pay that way on a regular basis,” customer Rebbecca Heiman said.

Kirkman said, “Out of 15,000, we think at this point in time anyway, it’s looking promising.”

KIRO 7 met many customers who didn’t even know about the hack or if they were a victim.

“I have no idea. I don’t know, like, how I would look to see what happened or anything like that? It’s frustrating,” Garcia said.

With the online payment option shut down, the city said customers have to call, mail or drop off their payments until the system is fixed. The city won’t put the portal back up until the risk is gone.

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