Todd: What Oregon is doing to kids who feel gender dysphoric is a medical, societal atrocity

Nov 7, 2019, 5:23 PM | Updated: 5:29 pm

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Gender dysphoria is real and painful; people who suffer it deserve love and care and all sorts of room to heal, which is especially true for kids.

Until government schools and Hollywood began promoting it, the condition was quite rare. Until activists purposefully conflated gender dysphoria (the belief that the biological fact of your body’s sex is wrong) with being gay, there were serious gate-keeping methods to make sure the only people who got plastic surgery and hormones to supposedly “cure” gender dysphoria were in their mid-twenties, and had exhausted all other means to heal.

And people had healed without surgery: historically 60 to 80 percent of kids who become gender dysphoric in their teens overcome the condition.

In the state of Oregon that is all being radically changed. Courtesy of a pressure campaign from The Oregon Health and Science University, there has been a paradigm shift: any kid who says they are the opposite sex is to be instantly affirmed and instantly put on a path to hormones and plastic surgery.

Fifteen year-olds are considered adults for purposes of what is sometimes calls sex change surgery; so called “health providers” are immune from parental lawsuits if the provider can say they surgically altered a kid without the parent’s permission, but did so on “good faith.” Kids can be seized from parents who want therapy for them instead of surgery and hormones.

So-called gender clinics are not required to track any outcomes at all. So the outcomes of radical surgeries that cut out kids’ sex organs and flood their bodies with 200x the amount of cross-sex hormones than would ever appear in nature will not be tracked.

This is all to prevent suicides, right? Medicalization does not, on average, prevent suicides, according to Dr. Ray Blanchard, widely respected sexologist.

All of this is happening as there has been an increase of over 4,000 percent of kids gravitating towards it overseas. World-renowned sexologists have warned that this new wave of gender dysphoria should be dealt with far differently than early onset gender dysphoria. These doctors say that kids are being drawn into this.

Hollywood is promoting it endlessly with zero interest in the misery it creates for many people who desperately want their bodies and health back, even as there are Reddit sub-groups with thousands of members who express their deep pain and regret for having plastic surgery and hormones.

If you feel duped, please understand that it is easy to get sucked into the illusion that gender transgender ideology is based in science–ask Alicia Hendley. She holds a PhD in clinical psychology and worked as a psychologist at University of Waterloo’s Counselling Services. Alicia is an expert on eating disorders and distorted body image, as well as mood and anxiety disorders. She had been a staunch defender of what she thought was the science behind transgender ideology until she researched it so she could better defend it. What she found surprised her.

-She expected to find peer reviewed studies proving people were born in the wrong body, but she learned they do not exist.
-She expected to find peer reviewed studies proving women were born with a man’s brain, she did not because they do not exist.
-She did find there is no scientific method for determining when someone is transgender – there is no observable, testable, repeatable tests and no method to falsify the theory.

In addition to conflating being gender dysphoric with being gay, activists have also purposefully removed gender dysphoria from other forms of body dysphoria and dysmorphia, like anorexia and gender body dysphoria. Somehow, kids are given therapy for all these other forms of dysphoria while only radical surgery and hormones will suffice for gender dysphoria. Doctors are becoming alarmed.

Doctors are warning the world. It’s “Possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history,” said Western Sydney University professor of pediatrics John Whitehall.

“More than 200 doctors in three days have added their names to a medicos’ petition urging Health Minister Greg Hunt to call a wide-ranging parliamentary inquiry into risky medical treatment of young people who believe they were born in the wrong body. Nine child psychiatrists, nine pediatricians, and 14 university professors and associate professors are among the signatories so far to the doctors’ letter launched online on Sunday. They support a 16-page inquiry brief sent to Mr Hunt earlier this month by Western Sydney University professor of pediatrics John Whitehall.“

In the UK, kids being medicalized face “serious and irreversible damage” says Dr David Bell, a consultant psychiatrist at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and former president of the British Psychoanalytic Society. He works in the adult department of the Tavistock Centre in north London where he directs a specialist unit for serious or enduring complex disorders.

Also in the UK, workers at a transgender clinic are quitting over concerns of “unregulated live experiments on children.”

Kids deserve the right to grow up and figure it out with counseling and processing, and Big Pharma, Big Surgery and the Sexual Left should be pushed aside while kids have that opportunity.

What is being done in Oregon will be headed here since elements of it are already happening at the Children’s Hospital and in our government schools.

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Todd: What Oregon is doing to kids who feel gender dysphoric is a medical, societal atrocity