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Ross: Calder Hodge proves you can defy destiny

Detroit Lions WR (85) Tom Kennedy greets Calder Hodge before NFL football practice on August 4, 2019 at Detroit Lions Training Facilities in Allen Park, MI (Photo by Allan Dranberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Next time you’re having a bad day – check out Janet Shamlian’s story about this young man:

“Did you ever have a moment when you thought I’m not going to be able to do this?” Janet said.

“Never. I’ve never had a moment when I thought I couldn’t do it,” Calder said.

Calder Hodge of Magnolia, Texas was born without bones in his legs. But his family decided a wheelchair would not be his destiny. So when he turned two, his legs were amputated above the knee.

As soon as the surgery healed, his three older brothers expected him to get up and walk. Which he did, on just his upper legs.

He was also born without opposable thumbs. So he had more surgery at age 3, and when that healed, he learned to throw a baseball. Then he learned to throw a football.

It wasn’t kumbaya – kids would stare and call him names – but the great thing about sports is, once you prove you can compete, it suddenly doesn’t matter what you look like.

Now, at 14, with his custom-made cleat-equipped running blades, Calder Hodge is a quarterback on his high school JV team, bouncing around in the pocket, throwing passes, getting knocked down, getting up again, and loving it!

“I’ve had a life of getting through so much – I just take it with a smile.”

Of course, he has his eye on the NFL. Take that, destiny.

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