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Renton shooting naked man
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Officer shoots armed, naked suspect in Renton

Police responding in Renton. (Renton PD)

A police officer shot a naked suspect in Renton who they say was pointing a gun at customers in businesses.

Renton police said when officers arrived at the scene at NE 44th Street at I-405 Tuesday morning, the man did not respond to their commands. An officer shot the suspect when the man pointed a gun toward police, authorities said.

Police said the suspect appears to be in serious condition.

On and off ramps at NE 44th Street to and from I-405 are blocked by police activity.

Renton fire said another shooting happened in the 800 block of Camas Avenue Northeast shortly before 7 a.m., but did not know if it was related. One person was hurt.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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