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Do you hear heads or tails in the overtime coin toss?

The Seahawks won their Monday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers, beating out the formerly leading team in the NFC West — but the most important question of the night was, heads or tails?

When the referee had quarterback Geno Smith (Seahawks) and Richard Sherman (49ers) pick heads or tails for the overtime coin toss, Smith picked heads and the Seahawks won the toss.

“The coin toss is pretty important in overtime,” Dori explained to listeners, noting that the previous week playing Tampa Bay, Wilson had won the coin toss, taken the ball down the field, and immediately afterward scored a touchdown.

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But game watchers weren’t all that sure that Smith did pick heads. Dori swore that he heard the word “tails” instead.

“Plain as day, I heard Geno Smith say ‘tails,'” Dori said.

The Seahawks Pregame Show team was divided. Dori and Paul Moyer heard “tails,” while Ray Roberts and Michael Bumpus heard “heads.”

“I would have bet every penny I owned [that it was ‘tails’],” Dori said.

Listeners were pretty equally divided, but one thing they did agree on was that it reminded them of another famous debate in the newsroom from last year — Yanny versus Laurel.

While Dori was adamant that he heard “tails,” he knew that in reality, Smith had to have said “heads.” Why? Because Richard Sherman would have let everyone know about his outrage if the coin toss had mistakenly gone to the Seahawks.

What do you think — heads or tails? Leave your response in the comments.

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