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Feedback Friday, Dori
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A listener’s idea to rebel against I-976 lawsuit, keep $30 tabs

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Veterans Day patriotism

Thank you for voicing your opinion on Veterans Day on your show. I’m a small business owner and spent eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps. I really appreciate what you were saying. This area does seem as if it’s getting filled with losers and snowflakes. Everyone says that we conservatives need to move. My family has been here since it was the Oregon Territory. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll fly the flag any day of the week. If someone gets offended, they can leave. Thanks again, Semper Fi.

– Jeff in Lake Forest Park

In regards to Don Cherry — I wanted to tell you that Canada does celebrate “Veteran’s Day,” but they call it “Remembrance Day.” My husband is currently serving in the Canadian Army. Being the granddaughter of a U.S. Navy veteran of WWII and Korea, I thought it was beautiful when I moved there and saw Canadians wearing the poppy throughout the month of November (they also have amazing parades and memorials). It is very moving! I have seen immigrants from all over wear the poppy. Personally, I agree with Don Cherry. This Remembrance Day, I spoke to an 85-year-old German man who told of the Canadian Army liberating his town in WWII. It was beautiful to hear the stories he told. We need to honor our veterans, and we do need to remember the lives that have been given. And those who have immigrated need to understand what has been sacrificed for them. It is such a shame that Don Cherry was fired for expressing this sentiment.

– Chantel in Vancouver, B.C.

Everyone can learn something

I’m a longtime listener and love your show. I am a parent of a child with special needs who is now 30 years old. I understand your point about the question should be talked about. I do know, however, there is not a person who cannot learn something. Maybe in this Sultan School Board member’s mind what this child does learn is not considered enough for the amount of money spent. I would like to tell you about a child a friend of mine taught. This child was very difficult — he literally did nothing but scream, could not feed himself, would not walk upright, had no speech. His vision was so poor he could only see pinholes of light, and his eyes would not align correctly, so they were rolling around in all directions. To top it off, his parents did not speak English, and the school staff only spoke English. When this child started school there, no one, not kids or staff, wanted to be around this kid. They didn’t know how to respond to him.

My friend worked with this child for six years, one-on-one. By the end of the six years, this child is able to walk upright, feed himself, doesn’t scream any more, can say some words, is able to sit in a chair for an extended time, and his classmates and staff like being around him now. The transformation is incredible. It shows what education can do for a child. He may not be able to have a job that will support him financially, but I guarantee you his classmates have learned a great deal from him — perseverance, patience, selflessness just to name a few things. The thing is, if this child was not in the school system, where would he be? Sitting at home getting no interaction with other children, not learning how to behave in public. His parents were so overwhelmed; they couldn’t give him all the training he needed. I can tell you, not only is this child much better off and happier, society is much better that he was able to go to school. I believe all children can and do learn, and it is the responsibility of our society to help these children who cannot help themselves.

– Cathy in Snoqualmie

He Sa-want-ed her back in office

Hello, I heard Dori call anyone who supports Sawant a loser. I would like to come to the meet with Dori so he can call me a loser face-to-face. I’m originally from Arlington, from a blue-collar family full of vets. We support Sawant because she’s one of the only politicians who has ever given a darn about Native Americans — we are Lakota. Everyone in my family works full time, having worked their way through college or served in the military. We don’t receive, nor want, any government assistance.

– Matt in Seattle

The will of the voters is ignored

Dori, let’s all of us who voted for 976 commit to civil disobedience of paying only $30 for our car tabs. The heck with whatever the DOL decides to do. Of course, those who only pay $30 won’t get new car tabs. That’s the civil part of the disobedience. If we all did that, a huge message would be sent to Olympia — follow the will of the voters.

– Paul in Steilacoom

Kshama’s lack of transparency

I’m a longtime listener. In short … I’m disturbed by Sawant’s lack of transparency. While she complains about Amazon helping Egan Orion … has anyone calculated the dollar value of outside help Sawant received? While in Maine in August, I met a few union workers who were flown to Seattle to canvas my neighborhood. How many dozens or scores of outsiders like this were flown here locally to skew our election? How is this fair? Does anyone else know about this?

– Matthew in Seattle

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