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Listeners commit to voting for Dori over Tim Eyman

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Because of the holiday weekend, we have a special Wednesday edition of our regular Feedback Friday — call it Feedback Wednesday!

How 976 will affect troopers

Regarding I-976, I understand that you feel strongly about the taxes, particularly ST3, but remember that in voting out all the taxes, the initiative has also gutted the highway account. I work for the Washington State Patrol, and while we don’t control WSDOT and whatever work slowdown conspiracy you attributed to them, here is how we will be affected. If a $5 million reduction was bad, $35 million is going to cause real problems. You won’t necessarily see fewer troopers out, but you will see them using equipment that is less well maintained, or not equipped as well. We won’t be able to replace cars that are worn out. Broken equipment or damaged uniforms won’t get replaced. Positions that are not mandatory, like detectives to follow up on the driver who committed a hit-and-run, or detectives who will recover your stolen car, will go away. And the troopers who are doing the work will have to do what they can on their own, in between the calls — they don’t have the time.

It wasn’t our fault that ST3 unfairly taxed your vehicles, and it wasn’t our fault the Legislature didn’t figure out a way to reduce them. Don’t worry, we have integrity, and there won’t be a work slowdown. We’ll keep doing our best to keep people safe and traffic moving; it will just be a lot harder than it needs to be.

– Trooper A. in Olympia

$30 tabs are our due

Mayor Jenny Durkan, Dow Constantine, Governor Jay, and all of the other crooked politicians have nothing to cry about over the $30 car tab results. They had two years to fix the problem with the criminals at Sound Transit and they just looked away. Had they done their job in the first place and fixed the unfair tax charging us for the new car price, this initiative probably wouldn’t have ever started. They blew us off and it was no problem; now it’s blown up in their faces and they’re screaming bloody murder. This is what needs to be thrown at them when it’s reelection time so we can get these crooks out. They also lied so badly in their “no” campaign, and this needs to be exposed. And hopefully some of these hardcore leftists will actually see just how corrupt the Democrats are.

– Jim in Edmonds

Kirkland police were correct in YMCA arrest

Once you call 911, you are putting into place a system of response. When the police arrive, they are bound to follow a set of professional standards. You, the 911 caller, have no say in the manner in which the police perform their duties.

– Anonymous in Tacoma

Dori for governor, not Tim Eyman

Dori, I am so desperate for a Republican governor that I would vote for Eyman in a heartbeat if you don’t run — so please run for governor!

– Kevin in Bellingham

I am pleased with the questions you asked Tim Eyman. There is one major issue that will effect his elect-ability. I want to know his position on firearms and the Second Amendment. Personally, I would rather vote for you. I like Tim’s ideas, but I just don’t trust him like I trust you. I think you are a much stronger candidate with a much higher probability of actually beating Inslee.

– Zach in Snoqualmie

I respect Tim Eyman for jumping into the governor’s race, but I’m not sure if he is our guy. It would be great if you could put your nomination in, too; it would give us someone solid to get behind. My wife and I are 54- and  58-year-old Bellevue/Kirkland residents. We were born and raised here, and we are ashamed at the way our state is being run. We really miss the ol’ Slade Gordon days. My father-in-law put in two terms as Bellevue mayor back in the ’80s. We would really appreciate someone to lead our state who has the same passion and conviction as the rest of us.

– Steve in Kirkland

Let’s hope he wins the Lotto

Dori … we are cut from the same cloth. I have yet to disagree with you on anything. I was never interested in radio talk shows until I stumbled across yours. Thank you for telling it like it is . I’m sick of the politics in general in Washington state. I wish I were articulate in my thoughts and words to go after the Durkans and Constantines and Inslees of this state. You do it so well. Shame on them. If I hit the big one (Lotto), I would love to finance your run for governor. And you would win. Please run.

– James in Stanwood

President Monson would not be impeached

The more I listen to the current national hearing, the happier I am that I wrote in your name for president.

– Kaye in Lake Forest Park

Churches spurned on one hand, needed on the other

Q13 recently did a story on the homeless in Tacoma, where I have owned a small business for 26 years. One of the homeless advocates they interviewed said to solve the problem, we need to view and treat the homeless with love and respect. Respect is a mutual virtue. You can’t gain respect unless you give it. The homeless drug addicts around my office building over the years have violently threatened me, my office staff, and my patients. They have urinated and defecated on my building and doorstep. Not very respectful, and nothing you haven’t heard. I have spent well over $25,000 on security lighting, fences with barbed wire, and razing a vacant home they repeatedly broke into and occupied. But here’s what I heard on this morning’s newscast that prompted this e-mail. The government and advocates are hoping to get these homeless into shelter, but don’t know how they can do it, so they “are hoping faith-based organizations will step up to help” Really? The same faith-based organizations whom you have banned from praying or singing Christmas songs in your public schools? Right, pass the buck to the people you have already stomped on because you are incapable of doing it yourselves. Keep up the fight for those of us who still believe in reason and common sense. And Dori, keep charging forward on your threat to run for governor, pretty sure you can beat Eyman!

– Don in Tacoma

One area of disagreement

Dori, I’m a huge fan. Huge. I’ve been listening to your show forever; we’re about the same age, married, father of four, and I agree with the vast majority of your views. However, I think you’ve got it wrong on the gender identity thing. I’ve had several experiences over the several years or so that have convinced me that there actually is a range of genders — contrary to what I believed for most of my 57 years — and people who don’t fit into our traditional binary view have a really difficult path and should be accepted for who they really are. I encourage you to give it a fresh look! (Now back to agreeing with you …)

– Steven on Mercer Island

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