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Ross: Impeachment witnesses should have come forward sooner

Impeachment testimony in the House closed out Thursday. (Getty Images).

The impeachment witnesses have told their stories. They also testified to their loyalty — they did not leak, even as they saw the President going against the very policy he was publicly taking credit for – providing lethal aid to Ukraine – they did not blow the whistle! Even when they realized it was all a “political errand,” they didn’t file a complaint.

The biggest upside to impeachment isn’t removing Trump

And as I watched, I thought – isn’t that taking loyalty a little too far? So I asked a man who once ran the CIA, CBS contributor Mike Morell.

It’s pretty clear that the only reason this is coming out now is because of a single CIA whistle blower, I pointed out to him.

“Yes,” Morrell agreed.

Witnesses who testified all knew this was going on long before that phone call and none of them spoke up. I asked: Is there anyone you saw testify who should have spoken up earlier?

Analyzing the impeachment analysis

“They all should have,” he said. “This is striking to me — there were so many people who knew it was wrong. Why did it take a single CIA officer to be the one to stand up and say ‘stop’?”

“That’s shocking to me,” Morrell added.

But we are making progress. Too often the truth comes out too late to prevent disaster, like the Pentagon Papers that revealed the truth about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. At least in this case, the whistleblower’s allegations came out just in time. Sorry Russia.

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