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Seattle marathon 2019
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Rantz: Woke Seattle shut down city for privileged white runners

Runners in the Seattle Marathon. (Donald Miralle/Getty Images for Rock'n'Roll Marathon)

I’m most fascinated by ideological hypocrisy — ideologues that proudly proclaim their wokeness, only to disregard their virtuous, passionately-held worldview on a dime. It happened this weekend in Seattle.

Woke Seattle shut down a portion of the city, closing roadways and cancelling normal bus routes, so that privileged and mostly white runners could participate in the Seattle Marathon. Though the bus route and street closures are annoying and the route completely unreasonable, I don’t really care. I hope those athletes had fun. But the woke inconsistencies are amusing.

I saw a steady stream of Tweets from local media and social justice warriors to warn transit riders of the closures for the marathon.

Gonzalez’s Tweet is the perfect example of the choices these shady ideologues make when they have to throw under a bus a particular consistency they pander to.

Gonzalez loves to tell you how virtuous she is: She fights for the working class, average Seattleite, especially people of color and folks who are low income! And she’ll take on corporations (read: Amazon!) along the way.

Yet Gonzalez is happy to support a few thousand privileged, mostly white runners shutting down portions of a city so they can participate in a hobby, showing off their $250 Nike ZoomX Vaporfly and $128 Lululemon Fast and Free High-Rise Non-Reflective tights. As the privileged ran, Seattleites trying to get to work were inconvenienced by nonsensical reroutes by King County Metro.

Woke politicians and activists will happily call out Jeff Bezos as greedy (despite donating nearly $100 million to charity), ridiculously claim I-976 is racist, and take up every social justice cause to fight against oppression by cis-gendered, straight, white, Christian men.

But they’ll also shut down Seattle for wealthy white runners. Seattle is so woke.

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