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Feedback Friday, Dori
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A former repeat offender’s perspective on King County Superior Court

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A judge’s view on prolific offenders

Take it from a former repeat offender

I read the ‘catch and release’ segments on your website. I had a bad drug addiction back in 2009 and 2010. I was arrested for taking people’s rent money. When I was arrested, I asked the attorneys, the judge, and the prosecutor for help, and said that I had an addiction. I was released, and I did the same thing again. My life now is nothing like it was then — I’ve been clean since 2010 and I was able to get help. But I knew I would do the same thing over if I was released at that time. I even told my attorney that.

So, it’s only a property crime … unless it happens to be the judge’s property or a politician’s property. I did so much damage to people’s lives doing what I did. They need to stop and take a good long look to fix this problem.

– Paul

A Dem for Dori

Great two interviews with Judge Rogers. You asked tough questions. Even though I don’t agree with you at times, I really enjoy your show. I am a pretty consistent Democrat voter, but I would encourage you, if it’s your wish, to run for governor. I am disturbed at many of the issues you talk about on your show, and as a candidate, you could very effectively make the case for needed changes in our state.

– Bob in Ocean Shores

Dori should ask that judge if he has ever been a victim of property crime. If so, was the thief caught? And if so, what was the outcome?

– Jim in North Bend

What Dori could do as governor

Dori, I love to hear your opinions about the judiciary’s role in our local crime epidemic. But your own ability to do something about this might be greater than you think. The vast majority of Superior Court judges are appointed by the governor, and Governor Inslee’s political bent is finding its way onto the bench. Most of these judges, when they retire, do so in the middle of their term of office. This enables Inslee to appoint their successors, rather than the voters. Think of what changes you could make if you were in the governor’s office instead.

– Tom in Seattle

Seattle’s big ’60 Minutes’ debut

Left this info out

FYI — the postal worker did transfer to another place. Did you not catch that at end of program?
It sound like you are trying to prove that all homeless people really could figure it out if they tried. The old “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” — some people are barefoot, Dori. It must be so awesome to have all the answers.

– Susan in Issaquah

Struggling to survive

I could scream at the ignorance of those not living homeless. Dori, how dare you say those of us with jobs can save money because it costs little money to live this way? My husband and I are not on drugs and never have been. And we pay a landowner $1,500 a month to live in a tent next to a barn. My expenses these past two weeks to buy heating supplies and warm clothing cost $2,000. My husband makes $40 an hour. We have a farm. Are we supposed to pay someone to come and butcher all my farm pets? Nobody will pay market value to take them.

The “60 Minutes” show is not accurate to those of us who are not on drugs and trying to truly survive. We use a bucket for a toilet and a propane water heater to shower — whether it is 80 degrees or 18 out. Our tents can get as low as 40 at night, with space heaters. The only other option is that I abandon my animals and move to the mountains to survive … all while my husband works full-time. We do not ask for or live on taxpayer-funded services. And we barely make it paycheck to paycheck. Dori, I have respected you and your opinions for years, but today was slapped in the face by your ignorance on the costs and needs of those of us honest, drug-free citizens who have been forced into homelessness.

– Marcie in Arlington

A free-for-all

Hi Dori. Many of us down here in Tacoma are wondering if we can now come to Seattle for a Seahawks game or to see a show at the 5th Avenue or other fine arts venue and just spend the night in our camper? I would love to find out. Can I come to Seattle, see a show, go out to eat at Canlis, sleep outside, then ride the rail home? It sounds like an adventure. Let me know your thoughts.

– Rick in Tacoma

Car tab math

Dori, I just got a car tab ticket. I haven’t registered my car since April 2017. The ticket was $250. It’s still cheaper then the $700 car tab fee.

– Nathan in Spanaway

Allegedly high driver kills two on Aurora

I hear the driver who struck four people on Aurora Avenue last week is being held on $500,000 bail. Too bad this U.S. citizen, saddled with an addiction problem, is not an illegal immigrant. If so, she could be again driving the streets with nothing more than a pinky promise to show at her hearing.

– Jim in Everett

The ‘green’ candidate

I work for the Washington State Ferries. Inslee came on the ferry the other day. What does an “existential” charlatan ride around in? A huge Ford Excursion. What a phoney.

– Gregory in Port Orchard

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