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Rudy Giuliani
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Ross: Christmas lyric update, featuring Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani seems to be in trouble for his unorthodox approach to international diplomacy. Some people even think he’ll end up in jail! But maybe he’s just misunderstood. Maybe he’ll find redemption and surprise us all, as did his famous Christmas namesake:

Rudy the New York lawyer
Has a fine Italian nose
Although when he talks on TV
Many people say it grows
Folks in the State Department
Tend to call him nasty names
Simply because he’s helping
Russia occupy Ukraine.
But very soon this all will end
Once the Senate votes
The bulls will roar and stocks will soar
The rising tide will lift all boats
Then everyone gets a pardon,
Those imprisoned all go free
Rudy becomes chief justice
And we all live in har-mo-ny!

I love a happy ending.

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