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Greta in Stockholm writes to the Dori Monson Show

(KIRO Radio)

Carols at the Capitol canceled

Regarding the governor’s cancellation of the Christmas carol event in the rotunda at the State Capitol Building — Inslee has never actually performed as a leader with any backbone at any time. I may have missed the point of his actions, other than to cancel an event which “might” be disrupted by demonstrations. In the past, such events were traditional, welcomed. I volunteered with Capitol Campus Visitor Services for two years as a docent, conducting tours of that magnificent building over 300 times, and I enjoyed many concerts and impromptu vocal/choral performances. The acoustics are remarkable. What a shame for those who rehearsed for that performance.

So, what’s next? Will the Legislature disregard prayer at the opening of the session and daily gatherings during session? Probably. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

– Neal in Elma

An addition to the shark tank

As a scientific experiment, of course, I think they should add some raw sewage from one of the King County wastewater treatment plants to this newly proposed shark tank at the Seattle Aquarium. This would allow all of us an opportunity to see just how the ecosystem in our waters automatically cleans itself. Keep up the good work … I love the show.

– Eric in Mukilteo

Drag queen performs at homelessness conference

Not all Leftists support drag queens at government events

I just read your stuff on the drag queens. I take exception to really only one thing — labeling this as some sort of leftist plot to indoctrinate kids. I’m a liberal and I actually agree with you on this one. Nowhere did I see anything that this is a leftist plot, except from you. You shouldn’t label groups of folks without proof. Who on the Left are you referring to ?

– Grant in Shoreline

A double-standard

Is there a difference between a drag queen showing skin and the bikini baristas? It seems like a double-standard.

– Troy in Elma

Norah O’Donnell’s dead air moment

Hey, Norah O’Donnell — you’ve stolen my dreams with your empty words.

– Greta in Stockholm

Property tax increase was bound to happen

Who didn’t see the property tax increase coming with 976 passing? I was saying this for months, and I don’t even live in Western Washington. I voted for lower tabs. Naturally, when millions are cut from the income generated from car tabs, that money will need to be found somewhere else. Raising taxes is simple for government. Now, the courts throwing out a vote of the people is another matter. I don’t think any voters thought that would happen.

– Chad in Ellensburg

Christmas advice needed

Hi Dori. I heard you mention that you love your artificial tree. We’re in the market and would love to know the brand, model, height and where you bought your tree. Thanks.

– Mike in Anacortes

Law-abiding citizens ignored

Dori, your show is partly responsible for turning me from a liberal to a conservative. In addition, living in an environment that’s designed to protect addicts who have no interest in improving themselves has literally sickened me. I moved an affordable housing unit in Everett, thinking that it would be a safe environment for myself and my foster children. It turns out that it’s riddled with drugs. It’s supposed to be a smoke-free environment, but they won’t enforce that. I have had to stop taking foster care placements because the air quality is so poor. I have sent the leasing company letter after letter, email after email, requesting a smoke-free environment. Their mode of operation is to ignore my correspondences and to tell me the problem doesn’t exist. I was just in the hospital for pneumonia due to exposure to second-hand smoke, probably meth too. I have called the police and fire department numerous times, but mostly they won’t come out or respond. I have no other choice but to move. This means my kiddos’ Christmas will be negatively affected. It’s going to cost me thousands in moving expenses that I hadn’t planned on.

– Alexia in Everett

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