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Pierce County votes to join lawsuit to uphold I-976

The debate over Washington's car tabs continues. (MyNorthwest photo)

The Pierce County Council voted (4-3) Tuesday afternoon to join the state lawsuit fighting to uphold the November vote for $30 car tabs.

More than 65 percent of Pierce County voters supported $30 car tabs, which was supposed to take effect last week. Those fighting the initiative, including the City of Seattle and King County, argue it’s unconstitutional.

After the council’s vote, the man who pushed the initiative, Tim Eyman, interrupted the meeting asking for a public comment period, even though the vote had gone in his favor.

“Is there public testimony later on because these people want to be able to say stuff?” he asked.

Council chair Douglas Richardson explained that the council didn’t take public testimony on the motion because it’s merely requesting the county prosecutor take legal action on behalf of county residents. That and he said the council members have a pretty good idea of how voters in Pierce County felt about I-976.

“I think you can rest assured that your voices were heard in this process,” Richardson said.

Councilmembers Jim McCune, Dave Morrell, Pam Roach, and Douglas Richardson voted in favor of the motion. Councilmembers Derek Young, Marty Campbell, and Connie Ladenburg voted no.

Tim Eyman urges supporters to not pay car tab fees

“I think it’s a good thing to protect the taxpayers in the state, since it passed in my district by 79 percent, the largest in the county,” said Councilmember McCune.

Councilmember Roach said her constituents are also passionate about defending their votes.

“Pierce County is the second largest county in the state,” Roach said. “We do matter.”

KIRO Radio Staff contributed to this report.

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