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Dori: Is DOL not sending out Dec. renewal notices 976 revenge?


Listeners on Facebook tipped us off to this one — drivers whose license tabs come due in December are not getting their renewal notices.

In fact, they will not get them until late this month. The January renewal notices, on the other hand, got mailed out in the middle of December.

Does this seem fair? I’m wondering if this is some retribution for 976. If your car tabs expire, and you don’t know it because you’ve always relied on getting the notices in the mail, and a cop pulls you over, you can still get a ticket. That means more revenue for the state.

I am convinced that there is all kinds of 976 retribution going on all over Washington.

Dori: $30 tabs push-back has us asking, ‘What is the point in voting?’

The Sound Transit Board of Directors pushed through a 1-percent property tax hike. Did you even know that a chunk of your property taxes go toward Sound Transit? Apart from a couple of good people from Pierce County, this un-elected board is stacked with suburban council members and mayors who are all lackeys, and they rubber-stamp anything.

Everett is looking at adding red light cameras. We know that those have nothing to do with public safety; they are all about revenue.

However it can, our state and local governments will find sneaky new ways to punish the voters for wanting $30 tabs. Of that, I am certain. Ironically, we are still not getting $30 tabs, despite voting for them.

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