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The Left wallows in grief, despair and fears of imminent destruction

In the midst of an impeachment battle they can’t possibly win — 20 Republican Senators will never vote to remove the president — Democrats wallow in despair and grief, according to two articles in the New York Times.

Michelle Goldberg writes about her “anxiety and anger … a demoralizing degree of fear, even depression.”

A different piece by Sarah Lyall bears the sub-headline “TRUMP ANXIETY COLORS EVERYTHING” quoting a Georgia Democrat saying: “Four years is as long as I can go but eight years – we won’t have an America left.”

Such paranoid expectations never explain how, precisely, America will disappear. How do they expect democracy to die? Sure, the present polarization is painful but we hardly stand at the edge of dissolution or destruction.

By nearly all measures, America’s better off than at the time of Trump’s election three years ago, and claims that the nation is about to collapse underestimate the robust durability of our Constitution, our economy, and our institutions.

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