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Tell me I’m wrong: Everyone should have a New Year’s resolution

This is what it would have looked like had there been a fireworks show at midnight. (MyNorthwest file photo)

Hmm… if you look at New Year’s resolution lists, you see big things and little things but you don’t see the mundane answer of “I’m going to lose 15 pounds!”

But that made me wonder, what is preventing us from reaching our fitness goals the rest of the year? I know mine. I work out when it’s an easy daily routine, as I was recovering from an injury and it’s a slow road back to my daily run… my 6 pound weight gain proves that; OK, 6.5 pounds.

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Here are the top three excuses that prevent us from achieving our fitness goals. (Of course, this survey was from a lifestyle coaching app.)

-I’m too stressed to maintain healthy habits
-I’m too out of shape to start
-I don’t have enough time

And those excuses are all legit, we’ve all been there! I am not a six-pack abs, high pony, smoothie only eating kinda girl. So here’s how I’m going to start my 2020, I’m going to be open to adding a quiet meditation to my day. I’m a joyful, positive person by nature, so being still for 10 minutes a day will be a challenge but that’s why we should all have New Year’s Resolution — it’s a fun opportunity to reflect and challenge yourself.

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Set a goal — it doesn’t have to be big or difficult or expensive — it should just be something to make you happier in 2020.

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