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Washington state birth rate among the highest rate in nation

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Estimated data released from the recent U.S. Census Bureau shows that Washington state has babies being born at a rate that’s among the fastest in the country, especially of note as the nation’s growth has slowed.

According to the News Tribune, Washington saw 612 more births in 2019 than in 2018, totaling 86,085 births, and was one of the few states to see an increase over the previous year.

Nationally, births have gradually decreased and deaths have slowly risen, in addition to a slowdown in international migration. The U.S. measurement of natural increase — the number of births minus the number of deaths — was less than 1 million. This is believed to be due to the aging population of Baby Boomers.

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In terms of overall growth, Washington was seventh in the nation, seeing a 1.2 percent increase in population over 2018. The nation’s growth was 0.5 percent.

While California remains the most populous state at 26,995,881, it’s growth rate was not within the top ten. Texas, as the second most populous state at 26,995,881, added the most people last year at 367,215.

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