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Ross: Is it even possible to make a deal with Iran?

Protests objecting to a possible war with Iran. (Getty Images)

So now, we’re debating whether Trump had enough evidence to order the hit on Iran General Soleimani.

Jayapal: ‘No evidence’ of attack against US before Iranian general was killed

Really? We all know why the he ordered the hit: He had a clear shot and he took it. This is the 5th Avenue doctrine.

And right or wrong, the Ayatollahs now understand they’re up against an open-carry President who’s not afraid to shoot.

But couldn’t there still be a deal? All we want from the Middle East now is for it not to harbor terrorists. We don’t need their oil anymore, we just want them not to incubate America-haters.

And, lucky for us, Iran opposes ISIS as much as we do! In fact, the guy we killed once helped us fight both ISIS and the Taliban.

So how about a deal where Iran agrees to corral the terrorists, and we agree to let Iran have a say in Iraq, relax the trade embargo, and bring our soldiers home, provided Iran doesn’t keep starting wars in the neighborhood.

I put this to CBS Foreign Affairs analyst Pamela Falk, who, if I do say so myself, was very impressed.

“You’ve laid it out beautifully,” said Falk.

Ross: Where US could actually be vulnerable in war with Iran

Except for one thing. She says Iran will never give up starting wars in their neighborhood.

“They do these proxy wars,” she continued. “They support all these groups around the world because they do want to get back to the Persian Empire.”

Which is probably a deal-breaker.

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