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shoveling snow
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Candy: Everyone should shovel snow as a chore

(Photo by Jeff T. Green/Getty Images)

Shoveling snow is a unique experience here in the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes the snow piles up and sometimes it just melts into muddy grossness, depending on your neighborhood.

But you may have a unique opportunity on your hands this weekend. We might see a few inches of snow that could stick around because of cold air. That’s where your trusty shovel comes in. (Of course, you don’t have one.)

Who shovels the sidewalks at your house? Really think about this. If you have kids, roommates, a partner — any able bodied person who shares the walkway or driveway, you all need to pick up a shovel.

Here are five reasons everyone should shovel snow as a chore:

1. Shoveling a sidewalk or driveway is a consideration of others. I’m doing this so no one will get hurt.

2. It takes planning. Check the weather, gather the supplies, time out when it needs to happen.

3. Shoveling snow is an opportunity to potentially help and meet your neighbors.

4. It’s a workout that helps you be a little less self centered because you’ll have appreciation for whoever did it last time.

5. Shoveling snow does not happen regularly around here. This is a time where you can take fun snowy pictures, make memories, and possibly a snow Marshawn Lynch.

Get a shovel.

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