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What’s better for kids: a school snow day or a two-hour delay?

Snow like this on a Sunday night is the stuff dreams are made of. If you're a kid. (MyNorthwest)

Snow is a very different experience for children and adults, and it frequently leads to numerous school closures and delays. It prompted a bit of fervent debate on the latest episode of the Candy, Mike and Todd Show. If you’re a kid, what’s better? A full on snow day or a two-hour delay?

“Snow day, are you kidding me? It’s madness to suggest otherwise. Because you wake up, you have to figure out if there’s a delay. So now you’ve woken up early. Now you’re waiting on the two-hour delay,” Todd said. “The snow day is the greatest day in the history of all kid-dom.”

“If you have any form of deep snow and you’re below the age of eight, you have entered into a magical world of joy and building tunnels and throwing snowballs. That this is an argument for you to say otherwise is frankly offensive.”

Snow flurries dust pockets of Puget Sound; temps drop

But co-host Candy Harper isn’t having it. She believes the two-hour delay is clearly superior for kids because of the long-term impact.

“Two-hour delay is way superior to the snow day. You don’t have to make up an entire day of school at the end,” Candy retorted. “You want the two-hour delay; you still get to play in the morning. You still get to mess around and then you head to school.”

“No one cares about making it up. That’s delayed gratification. Ain’t no kid cares about that,” Todd snapped back.

Hundreds of drivers stuck overnight on US 2 near Skykomish

Light snow is expected to fall across areas of the Puget Sound on Monday and temperatures will dip overnight. Forecasters say Tuesday will likely offer a break in the snow. Snowfall has varied depending on the location in the Puget Sound region — Lynnwood saw 4 inches, Everett got 6 inches, Poulsbo saw 8.5, Bellevue got 4 inches, and Duvall got up to 9.

Like King Solomon, co-host Mike Lewis came in and settled the argument.

“I gotta go with Todd on this one. It’s odd to have two kids and not understand kids. What are they, great savers too? Are they putting money away for their college?” Mike joked. “What you want is today off. That’s 100 percent and you can poll your kids and ask them.”

According to a KIRO Radio Twitter poll, Todd and Mike are absolutely right. Sorry Candy.

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