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Feedback Friday, Dori
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Why Dori might be tempted to move to Monroe

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The Gold Bar standard of helping neighbors

Inslee should be ashamed

Those volunteers who took matters in their own hands and disregarded their safety in order to bring aid to Skykomish, Baring, and other towns that were isolated need to be thanked publicly. Inslee and mayors of towns are trying to excuse the fact they did nothing. We know better. Our community took action and brought 12 trucks full of supplies at their own expense, and gave it to those in need.

– Jeanette in Gold Bar

Jay Inslee, you are useless. You are so disconnected from your constituents. The situation is dire — so dire that citizens are creating convoys of supplies up there. They are having to fell trees and dodge power lines to get there and back. People in Sky Valley are donating their limited supplies.

– Jenny via Facebook

That’s what you call a pub quiz question

If you want Dow Constantine to know where Skykomish is, it helps if you use reference points he’s familiar with. Ask him where Skykomish is and he’ll be scratching his head. Ask him where the Whistling Post Saloon is and he’ll say, “Oh yeah, I love that place!”

– “Dori Monson Fan” in MyNorthwest comments

People need to be prepared

Hi Dori, while I agree with your feelings for our governor, I do feel he was correct in not extending help to the people living at Stevens Pass. Those people chose to live there knowing they could be stranded at any time. They should have enough to survive for not just three days, but week(s).

– Diane in Issaquah

Thank you for the T-shirt fundraiser

I bought one of the #MAGAbilly T-shirts in purple. I can’t wait to receive it. Thank you Dori for reaching out to this family. God bless you from a faithful listener.

– Ellie in Bremerton

Dori, buddy, stay obsessed with this story. We will definitely keep Kay-K. and her family in our prayers. I’ve ordered shirts for my wife and myself. Things could get interesting around here when suddenly thousands of locals are wearing them. I also hope and pray that this woman on Twitter will come around and understand how misguided and purely evil her words were. I won’t hold my breath on that. Thanks for what you do.

– Dave in Shoreline

Students with newest iPhones can afford menstrual products

It’s as necessary as toilet paper

Perhaps you think students should have to bring their own toilet paper as well? That’s a hygiene product. Comparing a menstrual cycle to shaving is total ignorance.

– Staci in Gig Harbor

Hi Dori, I was listening today when you were talking about school districts providing free tampons/maxi pads and your issue was, why should the taxpayers have to pay for this? I would argue, why shouldn’t the taxpayers pay for this? Have you ever thought about free toilet paper? Would you be an advocate of having the students bring their own toilet paper to school? Only because menstruation happens to half the population doesn’t mean it is something that females choose to have happen to them. It is a natural bodily function just like needing to go to the bathroom. In some states, tampons and maxi pads are taxed as luxury items (some luxury!). I realize most families can pay for their tampons/maxi pads, but they can also pay for their own toilet paper, and the schools don’t make them bring that. I encourage you to tap into your feminine side and think about it from a different perspective. Thanks.

– Linda in Bellevue


I am sure the kids with the latest iPhones have iPads as well.

– Paul in Kirkland

Sledding and no Sound Transit? Dori is in!

If you want more snow, move to Monroe. We have 8 inches in our yard (we had over a foot last February). Of course, we also had no power, internet, TV, or running water Sunday night and all day Monday, and my husband had to use a saw to hack his way off of our road due to all the downed trees — but we had tons of snow. (And, yes we have a generator; however, it is not wired into the pump that runs our well so hence, no running water.) There are lots of great sledding opportunities out here. We are also free of the Sound Transit taxes; I could not believe how much our car tabs went down whe we moved out here. Come to Monroe!

– Jill in Monroe

There’s snow way the city would allow that

Hey Dori, to avoid the Seattle fine for not clearing snow off the sidewalk in front of my place, can I just put up a tent on the sidewalk instead?

– Scott in Ballard

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