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Power restored to Skykomish after nearly a week

Power is restored in Skykomish after a winter storm knocked it out for days. (Gary Horcher, KIRO 7)

Crews restored power Friday night to hundreds of people along the U.S. 2 corridor, including Skykomish, which had been cut off by a major winter storm downing trees and power lines since the previous Sunday.

Volunteers gathered and delivered water, warm blankets, fuel for generators, and 110 hot pizzas donated by the Dominos Pizza in Monroe, 30 miles from the small town of Baring, where neighbors had been without power for six days.

“Knowing that people came up here to help everybody really puts in your heart something that you can’t express,” said Anthony Rosario, whose family had been stranded by snow. “I mean there’s so much joy in this support, it’s great.”

Volunteers like Tequila Isaacson of Washington Off-Road Recovery Network led convoys of supplies to those in need from Skykomish to Grotto.

“There’s no reason to let somebody else suffer and struggle just because you want to sit at home and watch TV and be lazy,” Isaacson said.

Volunteers say the need continues for people in outlying areas. “Tomorrow, they need shovels,” Isaacson said. “We’ll be back.”

By Gary Horcher, KIRO 7

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