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Ross: Senate adheres to odd traditions during impeachment

Impeachment proceedings continue in Washington, D.C. (Getty Images)

One of the Senate’s greatest traditions is its tradition … of setting traditions, especially during impeachment.

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You’ve heard that during the impeachment trial, Senators may not eat, but may drink milk, which some have actually been doing.

“It’s quite amusing to see senators drink a glass of milk. It’s very nostalgic in a way,” said CBS’s Julia Boccagno, who has been watching what the Senate does not allow you to see on TV.

So, fun fact, it turns out the milk tradition was established on this day in 1966 by Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois, whose godly voice was legendary.

“For when all is said and done, you’ve got to get enough votes to get it out of the Senate,” he stated back in the day.

And it was during a filibuster on Jan. 24th 1966, that, on account of being forced to skip lunch, he used that voice to request a glass of milk. The chair granted the request and a new tradition was established.

Now, it appears there is an even newer one.

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“There’s lots of note-passing, milk, and fidget spinners,” Boccagno described.

Yes, fidget spinners. For awhile, milk may settle the stomach; the mind can get restless, especially considering some of the evidence being presented, while Rudy Giuliani is out there like an unguided missile.

So fidget spinners to go with your milk? Not surprising. It’s also not surprising that a Senator might want to focus on something that knows how to spin really fast.

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