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Unfounded distrust of evangelicals has profound consequences

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New poll results show an alarming level of religious distrust aimed at evangelicals, and help to explain overwhelming support for President Trump from born-again Christian believers.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC survey showed only 54 percent of Americans felt “comfortable voting for a presidential candidate who is an evangelical Christian.”  Since 25 percent of the electorate identifies themselves as evangelical, this means that a heavy majority of the non-evangelical population express discomfort over backing any born-again Christian.

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What’s notable is that far more—more than two thirds—express their readiness to back a gay candidate. The unexpected level of undeserved discomfort regarding committed Christian citizens serves to explain why so many evangelicals see President Trump as an indispensable defender of their liberties, even though he’s not personally religious.

Given widespread, media-fomented hostility to the religiously committed, many believers will eagerly back a secular candidate who nonetheless provides strong support on issues like religious liberty, defending the unborn, traditional marriage, and more.

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