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Which magazines would you find in homeless camp’s ‘drug waiting room?’

Seattle police clearing out a homeless camp just off I-90 in 2017. (KIRO 7)

Last week, as KIRO 7 TV reported, police conducted a drug raid on a large tent encampment under the I-90/I-5 interchange in Seattle. The homeless camp was so sophisticated that it had one tent “room” where people could use drugs they had just bought, and another “waiting room” for people waiting to purchase drugs.

One Dori listener, picturing the waiting rooms at doctors’ and dentists’ offices, asked which magazines might be available to peruse at the homeless encampment’s waiting room.

Dori posed the question to his audience and received a bookshelf’s worth of punny responses:

“Needle Point”

– Matt in Seattle

“Tweaker’s Digest”

– The 206

Dori: What songs should the heroin ice cream truck play?

“High Times”

– Chris in Bremerton

“Bon Appetit — Dumpster Diving for Foodies”

– The 360


– The 253


– The 206

“Not a magazine, but a book — ‘Meth Lab Construction for Dummies'”

– The 253

“Better Tents and Dumpsters”

– The 206

Seattle voter pamphlets

– The 206

“Architectural Digest: Shabby Tents of the Northwest”

– The 253

“Outdoor Living”

– The 206

“RV Trader”

– The 425

Do you have an idea for the waiting room’s magazine stack? Leave your comment below or email the show.

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